Monday, February 24, 2014

Life is slow.

Hello all!
   Life has been slow lately, as far as my crochet life , that is.   I did mail out the hearts for T., my daughter, for her year - round tree, and I have just finished the three leaf and four leaf clovers, so they will be sent out today.   These were also made using the pattern from Sarah, at Sarahndipities.  Thanks, Sarah!  

Those will make her happy.  I wasn't sure about the cream color ones, but that was what she wanted, for some contrast.   
I am working on my older grandaughter's afghan now, so that is taking up most of my time.  She loved the pillow, so I feel confident she will love the afghan.  
As far as kitties are concerned, we tried to find some, but it is not "kitty season", we were told when we called the humane society.  So we will wait awhile and look in a month or two.   We were disappointed, as for me, because when I decide to do something, I want to do it NOW.  I guess this will teach me patience, which you would think I would have learned by age 69.  But no.  
Well, that's about all I am up to right now.  Still working on the weight loss, and organization skills, 
and will update on those another time.    
So I will talk to you all ..............     Later..........JO

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Here Kitty Kitty!

Hello all!  

I've been working on several projects, and finished the little hearts for my daughter's tree, which she decided to keep up year round so that it brightens up her apartment.  So I will be busy making the appropriate crocheted decorations for it for each season/holiday.  So the hearts went out to her;  two of each, white, light pink, rose pink, bright pink, and four red.  That should do it for Valentine's day and a little while after, then I will make her shamrocks!   I made the hearts from Sarahndipities site, crochet heart garland, except I made them singly, with a loop to hang them on the tree.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, my daughter lives alone, and hasn't had a Christmas tree for several years, so this year I forced one on her, and she is tickled with it.  It's only a three foot lighted tree, so it doesn't take up much room in her tiny apartment.  So it is this that we are decorating for her.

Anyway, aside from my obsession with all that is crochet (or knit), I have been thinking for awhile that I miss having a cat, so we are going to get a kitty, or maybe two.  I have had several cats over the years, and I enjoy the company of an animal.  When we lived on the farm, we had one cat, and two dogs.  The dogs were given to us, as we had 117 acres in Vermont, so they said "oh, the farm is the perfect place for our dog, as we don't have enough room for him, or her".  "Please, please", they said, so we took them.  One was Boots, a black and white Springer Spaniel, and other was Georgie Girl, an Airedale.  We had to give them to another farmer when we left Vermont, and I don't want the work of a dog now, so it will be a cat!

I'm excited!  So is our grandson, as he always loved having a cat.  The last one we got was when he was very small, and he is 22 now.  When he lived with his dad for a couple of years, they had THREE. kittens!  I am not even sure about having two!  What do you think?  This process is going to take some time, I imagine, as we have to find them first.  Maybe if we get two, one will be a little older, and we can adopt one from the humane society or SPCA.  So many older animals don't get adopted, cause everyone wants a kitten.  So we'll see.

So maybe I will have some photos in a week or two, so I will see you .....Later.......JO