Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Cooler - Salmon, Swiss Chard, And Rhubarb Pie!

It's been a little rough patch for me - the last few days my left knee has been swollen, and as a result of putting too much weight on the right leg, that knee swelled a little too!  I couldn't win.  I was going to call this post "Forced Crocheting", as that was mostly what I was doing while I was on the bed with ice on my knees.  Finally, today, my knees are better.  I'm still trying to be careful with them, but at the same time, I wanted to cook, clean, etc.  but it is Sunday, so not so much work, and more fun, right?  Football, too!  Tho Arizona is not doing well.   We've always got the N.E.Patriots game later.  I root for both.  Anyway, I am cooking, but only salmon, and I have leftover mashed potatoes, and some Swiss chard, which will be easy, so I am making a rhubarb pie.  I saw rhubarb in the grocery store and got a craving for a pie, and then I saw the price!!  $5.99 a lb., and it cost me $10.79 for what I bought.  Am I nuts??  Yes.  So I am adding apples to the rhubarb, which makes it even yummier, and I was thinking of a crumb topping.  We'll see.  I cut the rhubarb sitting down, and I have refrigerated pie crust, so that shouldn't keep me on my feet for long.  I rest in between everything I do nowadays, so why change things now.  
Oops - shut my mouth - my Arizona team just got a touchdown and tied the game.  I love football!  Go Cardinals!  
So in between the cooking, I am filling our pill boxes, crocheting and talking to you.   Thanks for listening, by the way.   Well, maybe I can post some pics soon, so you will see the new pillow, the new squares for the afghan, and my rhubarb pie!    Later..... JO

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wish I was 40 again!

Yes, that's what I said.  I wish I was forty again.  They were my best years - my forties.  My hubby was in better shape, I was in better shape, and we could physically do most anything we wanted.  Except we were so busy working, helping our kids, and paying bills we didn't have the time or money to do the things I wish we had done.  Did that make sense?  Well, that's how it was.   We had what we had and we did what we could do.  But mostly I wish we had had these devices available (I.e., my IPad),  as I so enjoy the avenues it opens for me.  There is so much you can do, and it gives you so many shortcuts to finding info when you need it.   And I'm sure I haven't discovered as much as I think I have.  Ok, I'm avoiding telling you that I still can't figure out why I can't get my pictures to show up on my blog.  This is so frustrating!  I just think that if I were forty I could figure it out.  Well, I have to one way or another,  so I will.   I can go the computer club at the community center.  Maybe they can help me.
Anyway, I have many squares finished for my newest project - the afghan.  I like how they look.  Maybe tonite I will lay some out, to see how it looks so far.   And I have found so many beautiful crocheted flower patterns on Pinterest that I have naturally pinned to a separate board.   I LOVE  them, and they could be used in so many ways.  I must try some!  I don't know what has happened to me - I haven't been this obsessed with crochet for years.  I have done a project here and there, but not much.  This is so fun.  And I can tell how much it is helping me cope with things.  I feel happier.  Does that sound silly?  Well, it doesn't matter if it does, it's helping.
So, I guess I won't worry about being forty, as that can't happen, so I will stop whining.  Besides, my daughter tells me I am inspiring to her, and if that is what SHE says, I'm happy.  If I can be inspiring to her, then I guess I am not doing so bad.  Actually, I know I am blessed to have what I have and I am happy with that!  Well, getting back to my crocheting.  So -  Later.....JO

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brunch, The New Pillow, and The New Project

For some reason that I can't comprehend, I am unable to post the pics that I wanted.  But I did finish the pillow which I showed in Saturday's post, plus start a new project, which will be an afghan.  I got my whole post written with pics, posted it, then tried to edit it, and lost the whole thing.  Frustrating!!
The pics got onto Google, but I can't get them on the post.  I will figure it out.  Meantime, I will tell you what I've been up to.
I got the pillow finished, put it with the others and it looked wonderful.  For the moment, tho, I put it on another chair and I like it there.  But I love the colors.  Gives the living room a nice pop of color with those pillows, when it had been looking otherwise bland.  Also, gave me a nice sense of accomplishment, which I haven't been feeling in the last few years.  Oh, I don't mean that I feel unfulfilled or anything like that, but it was nice to look at those pillows and know that my old hands made them.  With the trials we have had for the past few years, I guess personal achievements got kind of lost.  Tho, it was an achievement to get thru those trials.
Anyway, the minute I finished the pillow, I HAD to find another project.  What would I make next?  I should have gone to bed, but I couldn't without knowing.  I started some new granny type squares for an afghan that I will sell or use as a gift.  You know, I was thinking that I don't have many handmade items in my home for someone who used to make lots of them.  But I realized I used to make things and give them as gifts to many members of my large family.  Parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and friends.   So now I am making  a few things for myself, for my home, plus, of course, I will continue to make gifts for others, and sell a few items, too!
The new afghan would be nice for a family room or a boy's bedroom, I'm thinking, because the colors lend themselves to those purposes.  Two shades of green, and beige.  It's nice and calming.
Also, today, I was looking for something new to make for brunch.  I found a recipe for a strata, but didn't want to use bread in it, so I adapted a recipe and made a breakfast bake with eggs, cheese, ham and potatoes.  It was great!  Hubby and grandson loved it, as did I, so it is a keeper.  I just have to write down how I made it, so I will remember for next time.  If anyone wants the recipe, I will try to post it later.
Well, that's about it for the weekend, although we did watch football, too, of course.  Now I have to work out the kinks with these photos, and get them posted.  I WILL do it.   Later.....JO

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Crochet!

Yes, it's Saturday, which doesn't mean the same to me as it used to, as I am retired now, and one day is much the same as another.  But I do like to do a little less housework, etc., on weekends, and a little  more fun things, so here I am putting together my next pillow.
I  can't wait for it be done, as I already know exactly where I am going to put it.  It should be done in less than an hour.  I can't sit still long, so I am up and down quite often while I am working at anything.   Doing laundry, preparing food, running to the store, etc.  but then sometimes I can stay still, (not often), and just work on my project.  
After my sister passed away, I inherited a chair and footstool that she and I found in an antique store, but she bought.  My brother-in-law gave it to me, and I love him for that.  I loved this chair the minute I saw it, and I saw it first, but decided not to buy it, so Marie bought it!  Now I have it, and it has become my favorite place to sit and crochet or knit.  I think part of it is that it reminds me of her.  
Yes, I knit, too!  Not much, as I am not as good at it as crocheting, but I enjoy knitting too.  My mom taught me that, too!  It's funny, neither of my two sisters knitted or crocheted, but I learned it, and then became obsessed with it.  Anyway, isn't the chair beautiful?  And I love the fact that at one time it was special to someone else and now it's recycled and mine, and it is special to me!  Well, back to my chair and my handiwork.  Then I have to find a new project to make.  Ooh, fun!  I sometimes think that finding a new project is as much fun as working on it and finishing it!  Later.....JO

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My First Pillow Finished!

I got back to my crocheting today.   I hadn't been able to concentrate on it for the past several days due to the situation with my brother, but then I decided I NEEDED to work on one of my projects, so I could get my mind off things, and do something I enjoyed.  So, I finished off the back to this pillow, and then crocheting the two pieces together, by making the edging at the same time.  I like it, do you?  And then I brought it in to see how it was going to look with my birthday pillows.  And, look!  I really like the combination of colors!   Can't wait to finish the second pillow, which will be used on the sofa as well, to see how IT is going to look with the others.   Then I will be finished with MY sofa pillows.  I have several other patterns I want to try (for pillows), but I think I will try something seasonal, for Autumn, maybe a pumpkin bunting, or little crocheted pumpkins.  All these patterns are not my own, as I am not that talented, but they are ones I am finding on Pinterest.
Well, let me know how you like my new pillow, and how you think it looks with the others.   I think my mother would have loved it.  She is the one who taught me how to crochet many years ago, wonderful woman that she was.    Maybe next time, I will tell you about her.  She was my most cherished person in the world.  Ever!  And with reason.  But I will have tell you about that. -  Later....JO

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Waiting Is Over...

My brother passed away today.   With a death, we all say, what do I say to those left behind?;  children, friends, etc., and even tho I am his sister, I still don't know what to say, or even how to feel. I know that sounds strange, but it is like I am getting used to death.  My parents, back in the mid 1990's. a niece, then our own son, in 2009, two brothers, a sister, and now, another brother.  How does it make me feel?  Sad mostly, of course.  I think of when we were kids,  our parents, and all my other siblings, how it was at home with such a big family, and what it will be like with him gone.   I remember weddings, his children born, how proud he was of them,  the things he did in his life, how his health failed as he got older, and how his last days went.  But then, I try to remember the best of that last part, and I am happy that his children and their wives/husbands were there with him til his last moments, and that he was aware of that.  I know that must have given him some comfort and peace.  I prayed that The Lord would take him in his arms and give him grace, forgiveness, comfort and peace and I believe that He did.  So I am not so sad, because I know these things in my heart.
I'll be back in a few days.  Later...... JO

Monday, September 16, 2013


Today, my brother was to be taken off the ventilator to see if he can breathe on his own, but the drs.  doubt that he will be able to.  He has a DNR in place, so it was anticipated that he would be taken off, and be allowed to pass.  We haven't heard since this morning, and it is so agonizing.   Thoughts go thru my head of  our childhood,  of memories of all my brothers and sisters.  Remember, I was one of  eleven children, and we have lost four of them.   It seems so strange that they are no longer with us.  And now, Peter.   But he will be with his brothers and sisters and our momma, especially, and be in peace. We'll see what happens.
I can't seem to concentrate on my crocheting today, but I have been making progress.  I'm already looking thru my Pinterest crochet board to see what I want to make next.   I'm working on the two pillows right now, and if I must say so myself, they are going to be gorgeous.  I'll post pics when they are done.  later...... JO.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Sky Is Falling!

Well, not really, but it seemed like it!  Yesterday, it started raining so hard , that saying was the first thing I thought of, since it doesn't rain too much in this part of Arizona.  It has been a welcome sight lately, and we've had more rain lately than usual.   And rain is something that makes me feel cozy,  and homey, and in the mood for ironing, cooking or crocheting, so what did I do?  Iron, cook and crochet.
I'm still working on one pillow, started another,  and did another pot holder.  I am obsessed with pot holders right now, but when I finish enough,  I can throw away any nasty old ones I have.   I have found so many items on Pinterest that have me wanting to make everything!   Of course, I won't tell you how many projects I started a long time ago, that aren't finished.  But I WILL. Finish them at some time, but I need to sort them out.
I've had bad new from Minnesota, that my brother, Pete, is very ill.  He has emphysema, but fell and broke his hip a couple of weeks ago.  His breathing is too bad to do any surgery, and, in fact, they have him on a ventilator now.  They're going to try to wean him off it,  but if they can't he wants to be taken off.  It is so difficult being so far away, as I am from all but one of my siblings.  Makes me so much more aware of that "age" thing!  But we have to accept and cope as well as we can.
I am one of eleven, as I might have said before,  so it was scary when we lost the first of us, and now we have lost three.  Actually, four, as my youngest sister, Jeanne, passed away at one and a half years old.
Anyway, we keep watch on our troubles, and keep ourselves going.  That's one of the reasons I started this blog, to remind myself that life goes on, and we have to make the best of it.   I' trying my best, tho I will falter at times, I have to forgive myself and go on.
Ok. Enough of that.  We all have sad things going on in our lives.  If you do, I pray for you that you can make the best of it, and be happy again with your life.   After, all the sun is still shining, the fall leaves are coming, there is beauty all around us.   So, Later..... JO

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Ok.  I don't know what happened.  Pardon me, I am new at this.  Well, at least  the pics came thru, but now I must explain.  The garden pics are my progress in gardening.  That took me two days!  Not all day, each day, of course, but two days to get it all done.  I used to have a big garden in Massachusetts when  we lived there, but this is all I can manage here.  I love my herbs, so I planted those in pots, so the rabbits won't eat them, and in back of the house, I planted two rosemary plants, as I love, love, love rosemary!  But with dragging out, and putting away all the tools, plants,fertilizer, etc., on my own, it took me two days, resting in between.  My husband used to help with the garden in Ma., but he is unable to do that now, and Noah was working.  Besides, I am stubborn and like to do it myself.  In between, I have been working on crochet projects.  Pot holders, a pillow, that you see in progress on my footstool, and a blanket that I made awhile ago.
The last pic is Noah's breakfast this morning.  He likes to sleep in when he is off, but when I announced that I was making homemade corned beef hash and eggs, he was up and waiting!  Ours was much less substantial, but nonetheless, really delish!  That'll hold us off til dinner, but I don't know about Noah.  That kid can eat!
I must admit that all this activity for the past few days has really wiped me out, so yesterday and today, I have been loafing a bit.  Back to it tomorrow!!       Later.... JO

Progress - Projects - Tired!

Well, here's some pics of my progress!  Don't laugh!  I may be slow, but I do progress.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Roses from my hubby!  Wow!  This is a rare occurrence, so I have to really enjoy this!   My hubby was never one for bringing me flowers, or candy, etc., but he did lots of other little things, so I pretended it didn't matter.  So when he presented me with these yellow roses, my absolute favorite, I was quite surprised!  And extremely pleased!  Aren't they gorgeous?!   So I "stop and smell the roses"  quite often throughout the day!  I love flowers, plants, herbs, gardens in all forms, but am unable to have much out here, due to the heat of the summer.  I wish I had a raised bed for a garden at least in the fall and spring, as those are the times when plants can thrive, but alas, I don't have one.  Maybe, one of these days!  Who knows.  But I did go to Home Depot yesterday, and I bought six herb plants, and two larger rosemary plants.  I can plant the rosemary in the ground, as the rabbits won't eat them, ( I hope!), but the other herbs, (basil, purple basil, lemon thyme, thyme, and oregano), I will plant in a large pot, or container, and keep them up a bit higher, or the rabbits will eat them to the root!
In the meantime, I am going to revel in the fact that my husband brought me roses!!   Later.   JO

P.S.   The white pitcher that the roses are in was my sister's, which is my way of sharing my joy with her.  She knows, because "Angels Are Among Us".  xxoo

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So Far!

Okay, "So Far", these are the three pot holders I have done.  Remember, I haven't been crocheting much for a few years, due to arthritis in my hands, but they are holding up well for the time being.   But these were really fun!  I love the vintage look of them, and I have found many more patterns on Pinterest, etc.  I want to make them all!  Also, baby clothes, booties, scarves, table doilies, and pillows.  There aren't enough hours in a day!
Over the weekend, I went to a yard sale, and found lots of craft supplies, namely fabric, some wood, for painting little signs, and these darling metal trays, of which I now have about six or seven.  I am going to hang the trays on the wall above my table in the kitchen.  I'll post before and after pics later. Also, went to Tea with my niece, at a local English tea shoppe.  One of my favorite things to do - TEA!   So lovely and relaxing.  I think we were there for two and a half hours!
Well, back to work.  See ya later!  JO

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Relaxing Breakfast

Oh, this morning I took Noah to work , came home and crocheted for awhile, then made myself this wonderful breakfast, and got my new favorite book, and a nice cup of tea.  It was the most peaceful breakfast I have had in a long time.   I usually have breakfast with Ernie or both Ernie and Noah, but I loved this, cause I could eat at my leisure, read my book, and enjoy my tea.  Heaven!   Not that I mind eating with my guys, but to be alone in this way is heaven.  Afterwards, I crocheted more, put a stew in the crockpot, and made peanut butter cookies.  Great day!  

The second photo is of the new pillows I bought myself for my birthday.  Aren't they beautiful?!  They were sitting on the shelf in the store, together, and it just seemed to me they were just sitting there waiting for me to buy them.  So I did!  Now I will make one or two more crocheted ones in like colors to go with them.  So far, I have been making pot holders, but I have several great patterns for pillow covers also, so they will be next.  I'll keep making pot holders, too, as they take such a short time.  I like small projects, because I get bored easily, and tend not to finish things, as large projects take so much time.  Do any of you do that.  Bad habit of mine.  Anyway, it is supper time, and I must get that stew on the table.  

Later.  JO