Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Cooler - Salmon, Swiss Chard, And Rhubarb Pie!

It's been a little rough patch for me - the last few days my left knee has been swollen, and as a result of putting too much weight on the right leg, that knee swelled a little too!  I couldn't win.  I was going to call this post "Forced Crocheting", as that was mostly what I was doing while I was on the bed with ice on my knees.  Finally, today, my knees are better.  I'm still trying to be careful with them, but at the same time, I wanted to cook, clean, etc.  but it is Sunday, so not so much work, and more fun, right?  Football, too!  Tho Arizona is not doing well.   We've always got the N.E.Patriots game later.  I root for both.  Anyway, I am cooking, but only salmon, and I have leftover mashed potatoes, and some Swiss chard, which will be easy, so I am making a rhubarb pie.  I saw rhubarb in the grocery store and got a craving for a pie, and then I saw the price!!  $5.99 a lb., and it cost me $10.79 for what I bought.  Am I nuts??  Yes.  So I am adding apples to the rhubarb, which makes it even yummier, and I was thinking of a crumb topping.  We'll see.  I cut the rhubarb sitting down, and I have refrigerated pie crust, so that shouldn't keep me on my feet for long.  I rest in between everything I do nowadays, so why change things now.  
Oops - shut my mouth - my Arizona team just got a touchdown and tied the game.  I love football!  Go Cardinals!  
So in between the cooking, I am filling our pill boxes, crocheting and talking to you.   Thanks for listening, by the way.   Well, maybe I can post some pics soon, so you will see the new pillow, the new squares for the afghan, and my rhubarb pie!    Later..... JO