Sunday, September 8, 2013


Ok.  I don't know what happened.  Pardon me, I am new at this.  Well, at least  the pics came thru, but now I must explain.  The garden pics are my progress in gardening.  That took me two days!  Not all day, each day, of course, but two days to get it all done.  I used to have a big garden in Massachusetts when  we lived there, but this is all I can manage here.  I love my herbs, so I planted those in pots, so the rabbits won't eat them, and in back of the house, I planted two rosemary plants, as I love, love, love rosemary!  But with dragging out, and putting away all the tools, plants,fertilizer, etc., on my own, it took me two days, resting in between.  My husband used to help with the garden in Ma., but he is unable to do that now, and Noah was working.  Besides, I am stubborn and like to do it myself.  In between, I have been working on crochet projects.  Pot holders, a pillow, that you see in progress on my footstool, and a blanket that I made awhile ago.
The last pic is Noah's breakfast this morning.  He likes to sleep in when he is off, but when I announced that I was making homemade corned beef hash and eggs, he was up and waiting!  Ours was much less substantial, but nonetheless, really delish!  That'll hold us off til dinner, but I don't know about Noah.  That kid can eat!
I must admit that all this activity for the past few days has really wiped me out, so yesterday and today, I have been loafing a bit.  Back to it tomorrow!!       Later.... JO