Thursday, September 5, 2013


By the way, I was away for quite awhile there, between April, 2012, and August, 2013, and I never filled you in on the health issues.  Not my favorite subject, but part of this life we live.  Hubby did get that pacemaker, and then a couple of months later, had a new aortic valve put in, successfully, I might add.  Now, the great thing about that, or one of the great things, was that he didn't have to have open heart surgery again.  The doctors did not feel he would survive that surgery  at this time, (original open heart surgery was in 2000), and so he was a candidate for a new surgery.  It was much shorter in duration, only an hour or so, and recovery was much speedier.  They go through the groin, like they do for a catheterization of the heart, or angiogram.  It's a dangerous and complicated surgery, with very high risk, but it was the only way they could do it, and it saved his life.  His heart was very bad, he was weak, and couldn't walk from one room to another, and this restored at least some of his activity level.   He still tires quite easily, but we go where we want for the most part, except long trips.   In other words, he is still kickin!  Still here, as he puts it.  My friend, Carol, says he is the Energizer Bunny!, cause he has had so many issues, and still keeps going.  It is amazing how he keeps going, but he does.  That's what counts.  I think it has been good for him, having Noah here, as we are a little more active.  More so, me and Noah, but Ernie comes along when he feels up to it.   He is a good guy, and he has had a lot to deal with, health wise, over the years, so I give him a lot of credit.   And he is so good, encouraging me to make the most of my life, too!   Love that guy!  Anyway, I also resolved my health issues for the most part, and am feeling better.  Enough said!  Later.  JO