Thursday, September 19, 2013

My First Pillow Finished!

I got back to my crocheting today.   I hadn't been able to concentrate on it for the past several days due to the situation with my brother, but then I decided I NEEDED to work on one of my projects, so I could get my mind off things, and do something I enjoyed.  So, I finished off the back to this pillow, and then crocheting the two pieces together, by making the edging at the same time.  I like it, do you?  And then I brought it in to see how it was going to look with my birthday pillows.  And, look!  I really like the combination of colors!   Can't wait to finish the second pillow, which will be used on the sofa as well, to see how IT is going to look with the others.   Then I will be finished with MY sofa pillows.  I have several other patterns I want to try (for pillows), but I think I will try something seasonal, for Autumn, maybe a pumpkin bunting, or little crocheted pumpkins.  All these patterns are not my own, as I am not that talented, but they are ones I am finding on Pinterest.
Well, let me know how you like my new pillow, and how you think it looks with the others.   I think my mother would have loved it.  She is the one who taught me how to crochet many years ago, wonderful woman that she was.    Maybe next time, I will tell you about her.  She was my most cherished person in the world.  Ever!  And with reason.  But I will have tell you about that. -  Later....JO