Monday, September 16, 2013


Today, my brother was to be taken off the ventilator to see if he can breathe on his own, but the drs.  doubt that he will be able to.  He has a DNR in place, so it was anticipated that he would be taken off, and be allowed to pass.  We haven't heard since this morning, and it is so agonizing.   Thoughts go thru my head of  our childhood,  of memories of all my brothers and sisters.  Remember, I was one of  eleven children, and we have lost four of them.   It seems so strange that they are no longer with us.  And now, Peter.   But he will be with his brothers and sisters and our momma, especially, and be in peace. We'll see what happens.
I can't seem to concentrate on my crocheting today, but I have been making progress.  I'm already looking thru my Pinterest crochet board to see what I want to make next.   I'm working on the two pillows right now, and if I must say so myself, they are going to be gorgeous.  I'll post pics when they are done.  later...... JO.