Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life, more usual!

Life is getting back to the usual.  Summer is over,  Fall is here, the holidays are coming.  So, I am starting to think who is going to do Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, etc.  Did I forget Halloween?  No, not really.  We live in a senior living community.  One of those 55 and older places, where it's so clean and neat, quiet and where there are no children.  Or very rarely, anyway.  Grandchildren visit but only for hours at a time.  No children to give out candy to.  I miss the children in the area, but I do like how it is nice and clean and quiet.  But again, I miss having children around; to see their little faces, speak with them, and especially to see their faces at Halloween when they come to the door.  When we lived in Massachusetts, we always had a big bowl of candy by the door, and we dressed up our kids, and our grandson, and took them around the neighborhood, too!  I remember trick or treating when I was a child, usually with my twin brothers, and looking into our goodie bags under the street lights, to see what we had, or could exchange with one another.  Such fun!
Anyway, getting back to life as usual.  Usually, I do Thanksgiving, as it is my favorite holiday of the year.   I also used to do a appetizer thing for Christmas Eve, and then my sister did Christmas dinner.  Last year was different, as it was the first Christmas since my sister passed away, and the holidays aren't the usual anymore.  So, we have to work out how things will be done from here on out.  We'll make it work.  But things will not be the same.
Also, as usual, all our favorite shows are back, so that gives me a lot of time to work on projects, as I can't sit and watch tv without doing something else.  That's just how I am.  I think I talked about this before, saying I can't sit still in one place for long without doing something with my hands, usually.  I iron, I fold clothes, I sort junk mail, and I love to crochet or knit.
Speaking of crochet, my afghan squares are almost done, and I will be putting it together soon.   Almost time to look for another project!  Ooh, goodie!  I see so much inspiration on others' blogs, etc., it is overwhelming, but I will keep trying to improve my talents.   Ummm, my efforts.  I don't consider myself talented.  I am not a really creative person, as are some of you bloggers out there.  I just enjoy the crafts sooooo much, I want to be like all of you.  So I will keep up my efforts, and have fun with it in the meantime.  Thank you all so much for the inspiration!  My praises to you!
On another subject, my other love, cooking, at which I am not an expert either, I made some absolutely delicious  muffins this a.m.  I had a very ripe banana, which I often use with apples, and baking mix.  But today, I made them a little differently, and impulsively, I might add.   I used the banana, baking mix, egg, sugar, orange marmalade, and cream instead of milk.  OMG. They were light, and delicious!  I hope I can copy the recipe another time, because I didn't measure.  Like I said, impulsive!  I have a bad habit of doing that.  
Well, I've got to go.  Tomorrow I will make an upside down cranberry cake.    Later.....JO