Friday, October 18, 2013

Somebody Help Me!!

Yes!  Somebody help me.  Took my grandson to work at 7:00 a.m., (his car is out of commission), and on the way home, thought I would stop by some yard sales.  Did I mention I LOVE yard sales.  Love other people's treasures (junk), and imagining what I might be able to do with it.  RECYCLING  at its best!  I've been looking for something to use for a table in front of my little red love seat in the family room.  I've seen a cute rustic table, but it was $129.00, and I don't want to spend that much so I keep looking.  I found these two, and they have nice little wooden feet on them, and one is slightly taller than the other, which I actually like, so I got them for $7.00 for the pair.  Whoa!  I was lovin' that!  But I need another project like I need warts, and yet...... I bought them anyway.

Anyway, I must stop doing this.  I guess it is kind of my personality.  I get obsessed with things.  I just read on someone's  blog yesterday ( sorry, I can't remember whose it was),  that she gets into too many projects, and then doesn't seem to get anything done, cause she's jumping from one to another.  That's me!  Gotta stop doing this, work on one thing at a time and finish them.  Yes, MUM, I am working on finishing the green afghan, and hopefully will post pics of the finished product next week.  Maybe during my Crochet  and Football Sunday this weekend.  I know that the following Sunday is your tea, and that will trump over football!  I haven't forgotten.

So, that is one way that I need help.  No more yard sales, til I finish a few things.  Right?  The other way I need help is, that now that I bought these two adorable basket type seat thingys that I will use for coffee tables, I am not sure what to do with them.  As you can see they are a bit beat up, and I thought I would like to paint them.  Has anyone had any experience with painting this kind of surface, and do you have any idea for color? I have the red love seat, a black Windsor chair next to it, an oriental type rug, and white walls.  I want something cheery and bright, I think, but not white.  What do you think?  Help?!!  Any ideas will be appreciated.

Ok.  Thanks for listening.  And stop giving me so many great ideas!  (I don't mean it!)

Later..........  JO