Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tea Party!

Finally, the day has come for our tea party.  It's my first time visiting, so pardon me for being late.  Also, I'm in the USA, so the time difference is confusing for me.  Today, tea is hosted by MUM, and we thank her for being such a wonderful hostess.

I am so excited to join the tea party, and all I have left to share with you are goodies, but who doesn't love goodies.  Mine is a Rustic Fall themed tea party, since it is such lovely Fall weather.  I have lots of hot tea ready for you, an excellent Earl Grey, with lavender.  Wonderful!  And tho they have disappeared already, I had cucumber sandwiches with mint butter, chicken salad with walnuts, and sliced turkey, cream cheese and whole cranberry sauce.  Yum, they were good.  Hubby loved them.  What's left is just as good tho, and that is scones, with jam, cream puffs, banana/strawberry muffins, and little pumpkin cakes with cream cheese frosting.  Enjoy!!  And do try that tea!

This has been great fun and I hope you enjoy my Rustic Fall theme.  We must enjoy tea whenever we can!  It's been fun visiting with you all, and seeing how you "do" tea!  Love you all!     Later.........JO