Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Spring from Arizona, USA

Hello all you good friends out in blogland!  

I've b

een out driving around to the store, appointments, and such and I have seen the most gorgeous cactus flowers, trees, and such in the area.  

 I don't have much of a green thumb for flowers, anyway, I so admire yards with lovely plantings and  pretty flowers.   If I could have raised beds, I would love to have some flowers and vegetables, but that is not possible right now,  so I really enjoy seeing what others do with their yards.  

And I have to be satisfied with 

my potted plants.  Which is fine.  Maybe I will get some for Mother's Day, and plant them.  

But in the meantime, I am enjoying  our rides where we can see the beautiful works of  Mother Nature, God, and neighbors!  Some go to a lot of work to pretty up their yards.  It is a lot of work, or maybe just picking the right plants for our dry, hot region.  

Many, are satisfied with pots of flowers, even vegetables, but even then, you have to be vigilant in keeping the plants moist enough, or they will shrivel up and die, as mine have.  Haha.  

Some of the region's trees, even tho they may not necessarily flower, are beautiful.  

I don't know the names of the different cactus, but this one has unusual blossoms, don't you think?  

And I thought this was striking with the white flowers on the cactus, and then the Bougainvillea in the background against the house. 

I had to stop the car and get a few photos in this yard, as they had really done a nice job of it!  The cactus, dressed up with their little hats and scarves, the metal road runners, and the petunias spilling out of large, overturned pots.  

Really, gorgeous!  

And the soft pink flowers of this bush.  
On my way out of the yard, I noticed these old cowboy boots under the ladder.  Nice touch, eh?  

Lastly, a different kind of cactus with white flower spikes coming out of the top.  I had never noticed one of these before, so I was fascinated with it.  

I really must learn more about the cactus in this area, their names and flowers, etc.  I am not good at that.  Too much to remember!  
Well, maybe I will learn........  Later........JO.  
P.S.  I really hope you enjoyed my tour of Arizona beauty!