Thursday, April 19, 2012

Difficult Days

It's been a couple of weeks, I guess.   A sad, difficult couple of weeks.   Lots to handle, contend with, get through.   Saddest of all, my sister, Marie, passed away on April 7, 2012.   Her heart just gave out, after all she has been through in the past couple of years.   She'd had a minor surgery on March 1, came home from the hospital on March 3.  She had been in so much pain, and had heart trouble, so was so tired all the time, but had had a stent put in a few months ago, then the minor surgery to help with the pain, and she was herself again.   Happy, more active, able to do things with her hubby, and family, tho still so tired.    But that last month, she smiled, and laughed, enjoyed her family,  and was more like her old self.   So glad she had that.   But, she passed away suddenly the day before Easter.  We had planned Easter at my house, and she had started getting things ready for what she was bringing, and the family was all coming, including Al's mom, excluding Mary, who is a Jehova Witness.   No way did I think that she would not be here for dinner on Easter Sunday.  
But she wasn't.   That's the hardest part for anyone who loses a loved one.   She'll never be here for dinner again, we can't ever go to lunch together again, we can't ever chat over tea, or go shopping, or talk about what's new, or complain about our hubbies, or just ask, "Whatcha doin?"   I miss her so much.   She was such an important part of why we moved out here, and I will aways be grateful that we had almost exactly ten years (April 11) together, and did so many things together; happy things. 
Also, I fell on the Tuesday after, and wrenched everything from my left knee up to my middle back.   I am bruised and battered, and hurting like hell.   But that will get better.  
Then the same day, Ernie went to his heart dr., and was told that he needs to have a pacemaker, and then one day soon, he needs a heart valve replacement, (open heart surgery, again).  This is all  just too much to take!  But life goes on doesn't it?   Next Tuesday, he will have the pacemaker surgery done, and then we will start talking about the valve replacement.   No time to think on things.   Just get em done.   Can't talk anymore today.   Just get on with it.   Later.   JO  xxoo