Friday, March 30, 2012

Loaded for bear!

I feel like I'm loaded for bear, or wired with a bomb (give me all the money in the safe, or i'll blow this place up!), as I am all wired up with an ambulatory eeg machine.   This is because I had a blackout (again) in the beginning of Feb.   Went to a neurologist, and they are trying to figure out why.    Anyway, end result for now is that I can't drive for at least 90 days from the incident.   I'm the driver in the family, so this is frustrating, as I also love driving, and my hubby doesn't.  But he is doing all the driving now, or Noah drives when we all go somewhere together. 
This happened several years ago also, where I had a couple of blackouts for longer periods of time, (this one in Feb. was only a matter of ten to twenty seconds, but resulted ( i was driving) in my going up onto the curb and blowing a tire).  The blackouts in 2007  also happened when I was driving, and at a party, that I remember very little of.   Frightening, and at the time, I was told I had had a TIA, or some kind of amnesia thing.   Never really got a definite diagnosis on it, tho I saw a neurologist at the time.   Let's hope they can resolve this once and for all, so I can get on with things.    I don't like this at all!!    Later.   JO  xxoo