Monday, March 26, 2012

Where do I begin?

I don't like getting old.   Aches and pains, limited activities,  dr. visits being my main social activity, etc., etc.   Not fun!   But we must try to cope with this lifestyle, and get by the best that we can, right?   I do try, but I get tired!  Just kidding!  (for the most part).  But I never thought I would get to where I am, but I guess that's what they all say when they get here.   I guess my favorite age was in my forties, when I was pretty healthy, more energetic, better looking, and feeling pretty great!    We had lots of activities in those days, and I enjoyed life.    Not that I don't enjoy life now, just not as much.  But....... my grandson moved in with us, and he has brought new life to the house.   Music, dancing, exercise, movies, hiking; anything he likes, he tries to get us interested too.   Some things are ok, but like the hiking, and exercise, etc., is kinda tough!   But I am trying.   He took me hiking last week, and we did two miles.   I don't know how I did it, but I did, and I liked it.   First time I have been hiking in years and years.   But I actually loved it.   I love the outdoors, and don't get enough time to spend out there, so it was invigorating.   Of course, I could hardly move for two days afterward, but what the heck!  He doesn't understand aches and pains, (cause of course, he doesn't have any), so he just keeps urging me on to do more.   Now we are walking almost every day, at least around the block.   Which gives him no exercise to speak of, but it helps me.   Today, it's Costco for me and the hubby, so that will be my exercise.   Just hope the grandson doesn't want to go hiking when he gets home from work, cause I won't be up for it.   Costco IS my hike, today.   Mostly, it's carrying everything in when we get home, and putting it away.   But I'll be pooped.  Better go get ready, and get the old man going, too.   Later.  xxoo