Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August Already?

Here are some photos of my babies, who I absolutelyADORE!  They are getting bigger, and into more mischief, but they are just what I needed in my life.  

They get along perfectly, and they are very attentive and loving to us.  

We have had several family gatherings this summer, and all of the family enjoy my kitties also!  They play so much with them when they are visiting, that the kitties are pooped by the time my guests leave.  

Yesterday, I made two pans of lasagna, along with garlic bread, and a very large salad with homemade dressing.  And for dessert, an Apricot pie.  
Now, this was interesting, as I have not made one for at least twenty years, but had bought a large bag of apricots at Costco, and wanted to use them up, as I was the only one eating them.  Does anyone out there remember apricot pie?  Did your mother or grandmother make it years ago.  It is not something you see these days.  Most younger people have never had it, yet I remember my mom making it several times a year, as my father loved it.  Usually, she made it at Thanksgiving.   So I had to reach back into my memory and try to remember just how to make it.   But I was able to remember enough, plus looking it up on the internet, and concocted my pie.  I especially made it for my brother, who was saying last week that he liked it, when I mentioned it.  I didn't think any of the others would have any, as I didn't think they had ever had it, and wouldn't want to try something new and unusual.  But they all tried it, and I only had a little left once they were gone.  It was delicious, tho I didn't think it tasted as much like mom's as I would have liked.  But I never think recipes that I make that were hers, taste as I remember them.  I guess that is just the way it is with daughters.  

So, those are examples of my day to day busy life.  How 'bout yours?  How do you stay busy?  
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to hear from you.   See you..............Later........JO