Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is Fall On The Way??

Hello All!

Yes, Fall must be on the way, as I notice I want to cook more, clean more, and definitely want to start crocheting more.  I don't do as much of any of those in the summer months, cause it is is just too darn hot!    But yes, this morning I decided to make a berry pie, spaghetti and meatballs, and strawberry banana muffins.   The muffins just came out of the oven, mmmmmmm!, and the pie just went in.  Now I am pooped for awhile (I don't have a lot of stamina anymore), so I will write a little blog.

Anyway, I will also have some iced tea and a muffin in a few minutes.   In the meantime, I will look up some more recipes, do some wash, and start putting together my grandaughter's afghan, finally!   I am not even sure I have enough squares for it yet, so I will lay it out, and see where I am at, since I haven't touched it in months.

So, a very exciting thing happened to me on my visit to Massachusetts in August to see my daughter. It was my birthday in August, while I was there, and she had planned a surprise birthday party for me!  Now, you may not believe it, but I don't remember ever having a birthday party in my life, so this was a very big thing to me!  And I was surprised!!  I don't know how she got it done, but she did.  She had a lot of help from many of my friends, and family.  It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, and I thought we were just going for a cookout at a very good friend's home.  I know it was one of the best days of my life, as I love getting together with people, and I have so little time when I am there.  You know how it is, you want to see everyone, but there just isn't enough time.  But on this day, so many people that I love were there.  About 30, I guess.  Here are a couple of photos.


 beautiful daughter.


 best friends. 

Little sister



 beautiful cake.  
Oh, what a day!  My 70th birthday, celebrated well!  It was a day I will remember fondly, forever.  

was fun, telling
all about my special day.  But back to today.   These are the strawberry banana muffins I made this morning.   And here is my recipe.  Simple.  

you can read that, as I am too lazy to write it out.  Thanks for understanding.  xxoo

 I used two ripe bananas, small, this morning, as that is what I had.  I just added a little more cream, and bis quick.  But I have made them many times, and they are soft, and delicious.  Actually, also, I added about a half teaspoon strawberry preserves right onto the top, and then baked.  Made it all the more better!!!  

And here is a look at my kitties today.  They are getting big, especially Bo, the black one.  I don't what it is, but he has grown twice as fast as Johnny.  I enjoy them so much, even tho they are mischievous sometimes.  
Well, I had better get back to work, as I still have a few things to do before I have to start my spaghetti and meatballs.  
See you ............  Later...........JO