Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post-Christmas Post.

Hello everyone!  Well, Christmas is finally done and it was a very nice time that was had by all.  And we all spent some time remembering the reason for the season,  the people that count, and what we can do better for others.  

I didn't finish everything I 
was supposed to, but that's ok, I will get it done.  I did make my chocolate/peanut butter fudge, mostly to send to my daughter in Massachusetts, and I made gingerbread cookies, just for fun.  

As you can see, I am still not finished with the blanket for my granddaughter.  It is just the tangled mess that is left.  That is, the threads to sew in, and cut off, making it nice and clean.  It is beautiful, if I do say so myself.  Not my pattern, or my color choice, by the way.  I found it on Pinterest and there was no pattern, but it looked pretty easy to follow.  I made some slight changes to what it looked like, but I am pleased with how it is turning out.  

cookie jar has since been filled with gingerbread cookies.  And then emptied!  Yum!  
This was our tree this year, a little sparse , as I just didn't have time to drag everything out.  But it was pretty.   I made some star and snowflake garlands, and some tree garlands that I gave as gifts, plus several cowls and a snowflake garland, too!  What fun I have had.  Now I can start for next year!  

I love my little elf, sitting on the bench waiting for guests to arrive.  

I have so enjoyed making things this year, and blogging, and Pinterest and blogger friends.  This has all been a God-send for me, as life has it's difficult times, and we all need something to help us get thru them.  This has all been relaxing, comforting and cozy for me.  Thank you to all who have given me inspiration and support.   I hope that I have been able to give a little inspiration to others, as well.