Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Good Day!

Hello people!  Yes, yesterday was a good day!  I finished all my post-Christmas projects, and they are ready to send out!
Usually, I don't get a full day to myself too often.  But hubby was really tired  and spent most of the day in bed, so I curled up on my little red love seat and finished off all my projects.  I didn't have too much left to do, just small jobs.  Buttons, on the pillow, a pot holder, cowls,  etc.

The pillow
 is for my granddaughter, and will be followed up with a blanket to match.  I hope she likes it.   I loved making the seed stitch cowl, for my good friend Gayla.   A few other cowls,  for various friends, a potholder, and I made a couple of washcloths.  Feels so good to get them done!  Now, wrap them up and send them out!  

While I 
am here, I must show you the gift I received from my niece, Annie.  I saw it on Pinterest, and casually mentioned it to her before Christmas, and presto!    She had an old box grater that she didn't use, painted it, added some wire design on the top, with beads, etc., and presented it to me!  I absolutely LOVE it.  I can hang several pairs of earrings on it, and even a couple of necklaces and bracelets.  

My last pleasure of the day was to make
 this wonderful turkey pasta soup from some leftover turkey from the freezer, frozen vegetables, onions, celery, and broth.  Thyme , garlic, and pepper, and I had a nice easy supper, which everyone loved.  I only have one bowl left!  
Now, it wasn't 
completely a day to myself, (there are always interruptions), but it was a GOOOOOOD day anyway.  A nice, warm, cozy day!  

So, until I get another of those days, I will chug along on new projects, new recipes, and it'll still be fun!  I am so glad I got back to my knitting and crocheting!  There is such a satisfaction to making lovely, colorful cowls, blankets, pillows, washcloths, or whatever to give to someone you love!  I don't know why I didn't get back to it sooner.  I guess life got in the way, as it sometimes overwhelms , and there doesn't seem time for anything else.  But somehow, I have found a way to meld some pleasures into the everyday complications of life!  Thank you, Lord, for leading me to these better days!   I'll be back.........Later......JO