Saturday, January 11, 2014

Not Done!

Hello all of you wonderful friends out there in www land ! 
No, I am not done.  I left my tree up because we had company coming and it was more cozy and festive.   And now it is still up, cause it's more cozy and festive....... For me.  I just love the Christmas tree.  It brings on so many memories... Of my kids when they were little, my grandkids when they were little, our first Christmases together as a couple, Christmases with our parents, with friends, and extended family.  Wonderful memories.  So I am not in a hurry to take it down and put it away.

Also, I am still making Christmas gifts.  Well, post-Christmas gifts.  New year's gifts, if you will.   And Christmas gifts for next Christmas.   Things that I can have put away, and pick out for special people.  It'll be like going thru my own little special shop next Dec. 1st,  and finding something that says "Oh, that'll be perfect for Mary, or Annie,  or Mo.".  My goal is to finish at least one gift per month.

My other goal this year is to get healthier  (lose weight), but more importantly, get healthier.  So I have joined Astri of Apple Blossom Dreams in her CANDO project.  She will chart my weight loss for me, and we will all give one another encouragement.  I need to get healthier, and I know if I eat healthier, I will feel much better.

So that is me for the New Year.  Enjoy our tree a little longer, get my gift giving more organized, and get healthier.  Also, I want to enjoy those around me, help where I can, share the joys of life, and be thankful to God for everything and everyone in my life.  Hope you all have a happy, joy-filled year.   Welcome to all of you followers.  I hope I give you something to think about each time I post.    See you all.......Later........JO