Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Settling In

Hello, blogland friends!  Yes, I think I am settling in for this new year of 2014!   I have sent out several more packages to places and people far away, so that my work might make someone else smile.  I hated to part with my blanket, the one I made for my granddaughter, Elizabeth.
Here it is, again.  I just love the colors, and I know she will, too, cause she picked them out.  I am so excited for when the package arrives, and she sees it for the very first time.  I haven't made her anything for a very long time, and I know she will love it and cherish it for many years.  She wanted it to fit a double bed, so it took me foreeevvvver to make it, but it was worth it.  

I also have sent out cowls, garlands, washcloths, and pot holders, and I am sure they will delight the friends and family who receive them.

It is a little after seven a.m., and I am sitting in my favorite chair, (which you also see in the photo), enjoying a cup of mint tea with honey, my new favorite way to have tea.  I have been working on my CANDO experience, and doing fairly well with that, so far.  Weigh in is today, so I will see what the official loss is.  Also, have joined in the 52 Project, where I am working on one goal per week.  This week is to get caught up with the ironing, and sort out what goes and what stays in my closet, and my hubby's closet.  Working on that!  

Like so many others, I want to declutter and become more organized this year.  I'm 69, you would think I would have mastered this by now, but no, old habits are hard to break!  At least that is my excuse.  
Lots to do this a.m., so.......Later.....JO