Monday, November 25, 2013

Santa's Elf

I've been working like one of Santa's elves, like the rest of you.  Making decorations, gifts, etc.  I KNOW  I'm not going to get it all done in time for Christmas.  I should have started in July!  Next year, next year!  But it is so fun!   The squares above are for my grandaughter's blanket, which is coming along nicely.  Also, making hats, wristies, a Halloween bowl ( I know someone who LOVES Halloween),  some little bags, pot holders, washcloths, etc., etc. 

Yesterday was my football day, and both my teams won.. Hehe.  I made another batch of applesauce, and we had breakfast for dinner.  Scrambled eggs with cheese in them, (Vermont cheddar), and corned beef hash!  All favorites in this house.  It was a cold, damp, dreary day, as it has been for several days now, so I was cuddled up with a quilt, and my yarn, and crochet hook.  Fun day!!  

I really have to catch up with all the lovely posts you girls have put out there.  You all do such wonderful work, and photograph it so beautifully, you put mine to shame.  But that's ok.  You are my INSPIRATION!  Thank you.  

Back to work.  See you.......Later.......JO