Monday, November 18, 2013

So Sorry!

I'm so sorry I posted about the dark day.  But you know, I just let it slip away.  Sometimes, it's not that easy, but yesterday, I crocheted, cooked a little, watched football and after awhile, I was feeling much better.  I hate bad dreams.  They can sure spoil a mood.

Anyway, in better news, I won a contest over at Crochetapy for her blogaversary/swap.  So now I am frantically looking for something to send her.  No, not really.  I have a couple of ideas, and I am working on them.  I thought about that yesterday;  how nice it was to win a nice little thing like that, and how nice it is to have blogger "friends".   I am so glad I started blogging and I am so glad to have all these interesting blogs to read.  I love seeing what all of you are doing, what projects you are working on, and what ideas you share.  Thank You!

So I am working on some things to swap with Stef, and working on some things for Christmas gifts, and some things that are just plain fun!  So I will see you all .......   Later........JO