Saturday, November 2, 2013

Yard sales, Crocheting and a Leaf!

So, I've been to a few yard sales lately, and my hubby was with me one day, and HE actually found these blue white porcelain things for me, that is the two on the right.  He doesn't usually go to yard sales with me, but on this particular day, he saw these two and pointed them out to me, as I have two larger windmills a lot like this one, and then I loved the Dutch lady, so he bought me both!  $5.  The house I had found a few days before for $1.  Aren't they just the cutest!!   They aren't very tall, maybe four inches.  I love yard sales.

Today, I went to a couple of yard sales and got some fabric, for 25 cents apiece, small pieces, maybe a half yard or a yard, but nice for lining a purse, or backing for a crocheted pillow, etc., and I got this pitcher for $2.   I love the pitcher with the pretty flowers.  Wouldn't it be pretty in the Spring all filled with yellow, pink, and green flowers!  That's what I thought of as soon as I saw it.


Finally, I have put together and fInished off my green blanket.  I think it would be nice for a little boy's room, or a lap blanket.  It is not large, just the size for a little boy.  
I love how it came out.  And I am glad it is 

finally finished.  It was fun making it, and thinking of some little boy snuggled in it someday.    Now onto another project.  Must start doing Christmas gifts, because before I know it, Christmas will be here.  First, Thanksgiving, because that is my very favorite holiday.  I've been doing my planning.  

One last thing is the leaf I picked up today,  outside the nursing home, where I visited my brother-in-law's mother, who is 92.  As I came out, I found this pretty little leaf on the sidewalk.  I don't know what kind of a tree it was, as I am not that familiar with Arizona trees.  On Monday, hubby and I are taking a two day trip down Tucson way, to do a little leaf peeping, as I understand the colors are about at peak there.  And I'd like to go in the woods, and collect some leaves, berries, and a few branches.  I miss not being able to go out and walk in the woods, so it will be fun if I can do that even for 15 minutes.  Hubby was not really that keen on going, as he can't walk with me and he worries that he won't feel well, and will spoil my outing.  But I am very observant of him when we do these things, and we will do ok.  He enjoys it once he goes, but he is a worrier now that he is unwell and older.  He was sweet to agree to go, as he knows I don't get to do these things nearly as often as I'd like to.  We will take it slow and do what we can manage.  
So I hope you are enjoying Fall as much as I am.  HAPPY NOVEMBER!  Be well and happy.  And we will talk more......Later......JO