Thursday, November 7, 2013

Two Days Away!

Oh my goodness, we got to spend two days away in Tucson, Arizona!  This is rare for us, as health problems for the hubby prevent us from traveling much, even as close as Tucson.  But I was itching to get away for a couple of days, and I talked him into going, got everything ready and in order to make it as comfortable as possible, and I must say, he was a trooper.  

We travelled for about three hours, with several stops in between, and to tell the truth, there isn't much to see on the way down there, so that was just traveling.  But we talked and decided what we'd do once we got there.  I had researched a few hotels, B & B's, and we had kind of decided on the Hacienda Del Sol.  

It was a little pricey (for us), but we were only staying one night, so we said "What the heck!"  We really loved the place.  There was a beautiful fireplace that we almost fell asleep in front of that night, and a wonderful library full of very old books.  

Hubby wasn't feeling that well that evening, so we stayed in, had dinner there, which was scrumptious.  Apparently, the restaurant there has been recognized as one of the finest in Arizona.  

I did get a few photos in the evening, but it was too dark for good photos.  In the morning when we awoke, the sun was coming in thru the blinds, and made me smile, as I don't have a window in my bedroom at home.  I love to see the sunshine coming in in the morning.  Notice the old radiators in the room and the beautiful desk.  

As I said, this is a very old establishment, built in or before 1929 , open as a college preparatory school with only 28 girls, and names like Vanderbilt, Spalding, Westinghouse, etc. attending.  It wasn't until 1948 that it was opened as a guest ranch, and later visited by such celebrities as John Wayne, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, and Katherine Hepburn.  In 1995, having been somewhat neglected for many years, it was purchased by Tucson investors, who have spent considerable time refurbishing it to its former glory, yet keeping to the true character of the ranch.   It is very Southwest, and is magnificent in its design, color, and comfort.  We really enjoyed it and would go there again.  We loved the idea of all the history involved.  The landscaping was beautiful, with cactus, flowers, trees, and yard art.  I enjoyed walking around and taking photos.  

The second day, we climbed (with the car) to about halfway up to Mt. Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains.  It went to about 9000 ft., but we only went to about the 6500 mark, and hubby was having a little trouble with his breathing, so we turned around and came back.  The views from up there were absolutely breathtaking, you could see mountain tops off in the distance, and even see the windy road we had come up, below us.  The rock formations were interesting and we stopped several times to see them.

We had found a nice little cafe to have breakfast earlier, that we will definitely go to next time we go down, and I had a wonderful Cafe' Au Lait there.  MMMMMMMM!   Later, we just shared an apple, and another on the way home!  

 We checked out a bed and breakfast place, that was very near the mountains, where we might like to stay next time, maybe in the Spring.  
We went down there, in particular, because I wanted to see some fall color, which, sadly, there was very little of!  

But all in all, it was a very nice trip.  Next time, we would like to see more of,the Catalina Mountains, in a different area, tho, and we would like to go the San Xavier Mission, which is of course, a very old mission there that is beautiful.  So that gives us something to look forward to!  

And, would you believe, I brought my crochet, but never even touched it.  There just wasn't time!  But that's ok, as I have time now.  

My granddaughters have both given me a few ideas of what to make for them for Christmas, so those are projects that will be coming up, as well as something for their Mom.  But they will have to wait for...........Later........JO

Oh by the way, look at this old piece of wood in the middle of the screen door, and the knotholes in it.  I found it fascinating!  And I loved the blue trim on the windows and the blue bush in front.  So pretty. xxoo